Thursday, 23 February 2012

Rockhopper Quest

Hello Penguins!

This Post is how to finish the quest so here its is:
1st Go to beach and go to the ship:
Now Throw Snowball at the lighthouse picture below:

Now go on all squares and hit the red button Eg:
Might be alot of times doing the one below

Now Go to the bridge on the bottom:

Now click the wood:
Then go back to the ship and go to swuare click the button till u get to the jewel station:

Then go back to ship go on square throw snowball on target till u get to the next one:
Go inside the cave then click on the mummy bed or whatever it is then there should be the shirt:
Now you have finished the quest good Job!

New Party

Hello Fellow Penguins!

Rockhopper Quest is On!

Here is a picture of one login screen :

Tell us what you think about it and comment

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hello Fellow Penguins!

Here is a  Link for sneak peak video of rockhopper quest :
Hope you enjoy it

Monday, 20 February 2012

Next Party

Hello fellow penguins!

This Party Rockhopper Quest is starting 24/02/2012

So were gonna Start Tracking!
So at the bottom of the website should be a chat called iclubpenguin32 there is the Tracker Chat
And also Below should be sneak peak of the party

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Hello, CP Cheaters!

Here is the Rockhopper Quest Sneak peak:

This pictures are Takes by Happy77

The adventure begins February 24, 2012!

Imagine what CP will look like in That time!
Will it be Scary or Not scary
Anything is Possible so yeah

Our army!

Our army is ShadowRaiders website link :
the link for chat is :

Admin Needed On Main Website

Workers Needed On
Admins Needed so yeah comment if u do want to be admin
Hey, Bloggers!

We have our cheat Our first one on blogger but we have more cheats in but here are some.

Fast Snowball Cheats:
  1. Click T
  2. Then Snowball Thing Should Show up
  3. Click t So Fast and click anywhere u want then it should be super snowball

Hello Acezboy Here, We will be making Graphics to!
Just comment and ill see what u have orded.

Or Order At our chat http://iClubPenguin32
It will be faster if you do on our chat so yeah Bye!
See Ya CP Cheaters


Welcome To our Blog.

We will have cheats and our other website is
We have more cheats on the wordpress one but yeah i think a new one would be good so
2 website with fully cheats.